Hard copies of the 2018 Annual Report are available at the church.

An online copy is available on the Grace Notes page of the website.

The warrant for the annual meeting was posted on Wednesday, January 23rd, on the doors of the church.

There are links to copies of the warrant and annual report below.

2019 Warrant For Annual Meeting

2018 Annual Report

The Rector’s Reflection on Sabbath and Solitude, given in place of his Annual Report and sermon, is recorded on the Sermons page.  The text will be published in the March-April Grace Notes.

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Here is a photo of the commissioning of the Vestry …

… and a copy of the commissioning text …

[In the absence of the newly elected Senior Warden, Jean Pitcairn, Sharlene Begley kindly took that role, one last time.]

Senior warden: On behalf of the congregation of Grace Episcopal Church, I present to you these persons to be admitted to the ministry of Wardens and Members of the Vestry in this congregation.

Celebrant: Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus, we are all baptized by the one Spirit into one Body and given gifts for a variety of ministries for the common good. Our purpose is to commission these persons in the name of God and this congregation to the special ministries to which they are called.

Are these persons prepared by a commitment to Jesus, by regular attendance and by the knowledge of their duties, to exercise their ministry to the honor of God and the well-being of Grace Episcopal Church and the Diocese of Massachusetts?

Senior warden: I believe they are.

Celebrant: You have been called to a ministry in this congregation. Will you, as long as you are engaged in this work, perform it with diligence?

Wardens and Members of the Vestry: I will, with God’s help.

Celebrant: Will you faithfully and reverently execute the duties of your ministry to the honor of God, and the benefit of the members of this congregation?

Wardens and Members of the Vestry: I will, with God’s help.

Celebrant: Do you reaffirm your commitment to follow Jesus and to serve this congregation in his name? 

Wardens and Members of the Vestry: I do.

Celebrant: (to the congregation) Will you do all in your power to support these leaders with your prayers, your honest yet gracious communication with them, and your willingness to help them carry out Christ’s ministry in this church? 

Congregation: We will. 

Celebrant: In the name of this congregation I commission you for this work, and pledge you our prayers, encouragement, and support. May the Holy Spirit guide and strengthen you, that in this, and in all things, you may do God’s will in the service of the kingdom of Christ.

Let us pray. Almighty God, look with favor upon these persons who have now reaffirmed their commitment to follow Christ and to serve in his name. Give them courage, patience, and vision; and strengthen us all in our Christian vocation of witness to the world, and of service to others; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.