2021 Scholarships

Scholarship Important Dates:

Applications Open April 15th, 2021
Application Deadline June 15th, 2021
Click here for a copy of the Application 2021

Grace Grace Church is blessed to be in a unique position to offer scholarships to active members seeking higher education. The generous bequests of several Grace Church members and their families and the prudent investments of these funds have afforded us the opportunity to assist our parishioners with their endeavors of higher education. The Scholarship Committee would like to take this opportunity to explain the procedure which was instituted in September 1989.

To meet the eligibility for a Grace Church Scholarship:

  1. The APPLICANT must be a member in good standing of Grace Episcopal Church. The canonical understanding of this means having received communion at least three times in the past year and being known to the treasurer as having supported the mission and ministry of the Church. (Given the fact the applicants are in college and not working full time, we take into consideration their support of the mission and ministry of Grace Church through non-financial means, which can be noted on the application or outlined in the cover letter.)
  2. The applicant must be a high school graduate, or have a GED, or be accepted to a degree granting institution of higher learning (without necessarily having graduated from high school).
  3. The applicant may apply to any post high school program including college or university, community college, culinary arts school and technical school. Graduate school candidates are also eligible to apply for a Grace Church scholarship.

The committee uses a three tiered, weighted point system to evaluate the applicants and determine the awards. It is based on the applicant’s degree of church activity and community service (40%), academic achievement (30%) and financial need (30%). Given this system of scoring, it is imperative that the applicants submit a complete application which includes:

  1. The Grace Church Application for Scholarship Funds (all sections completed).
  2. A cover letter of approximately 250 words addressing the applicant’s goals in seeking higher education as well as any information that would be important to the committee members making the decisions on the awards.
  3. A transcript of the fall/spring semester including their most recent GPA.

Each candidate is given a copy of these “Scholarship Regulations” when they request an application. The applicants are given two months to request and submit the completed application. An incomplete application or an applicant who does not meet the criteria or the submission deadline will not be considered for a scholarship award.