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A Year of Biblical Womanhood

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For her book, “A Year of Biblical Womanhood”, Rachel Held Evans studied every passage of Scripture that relates to women and sought to learn how women around the world interpret and apply these passages to their lives.  She tried to follow as many of the Bible’s teachings regarding women as possible in her day-to-day life, sometimes taking them to their literal extreme.

“Now, we evangelicals have a nasty habit of throwing the word biblical around like it’s Martin Luther’s middle name. … Despite insistent claims that we don’t “pick and choose” what parts of the Bible we take seriously, using the word biblical prescriptively like this almost always involves selectivity.

After all, technically speaking, it is biblical for a woman to be sold by her father (Ex. 21:7), biblical for her to be forced to marry her rapist (Deut. 22:28-29), biblical for her to remain silent in church (1 Cor. 14:34-35), biblical for her to cover her head (1 Cor. 11:6) and biblical for her to be one of multiple wives (Ex. 21:10).”

She set these ten commandments to follow for the entire year:

  • Thou shalt submit to thy husband’s will in all things
  • Thou shalt devote thyself to the duties of the home
  • Thou shalt mother
  • Thou shalt nurture a gentle and quiet spirit
  • Thou shalt dress modestly
  • Thou shalt cover thy head when in prayer
  • Thou shalt not cut thy hair
  • Thou shalt not teach in church
  • Thou shalt not gossip
  • Thou shalt not have authority over a man

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