Hints of interest in Food Justice were evident during Lent in 2018, when the Ten Commandments of Food was discussed each week and a healthful, meat-free soup recipe was offered for each week of Lent.  But after a gathering to discuss food justice and local farming at the Dartmouth YMCA in the spring and discussions regarding nutrition and sustainable and just agriculture in Ecuador in the summer, members of the Women’s Group met and decided that this is the direction we want to take.  Food is something that we all can’t live without, something that we’re all passionate about, and something that affects us all in different ways, as we make choices about what to buy, prepare, and consume.

What are some ideas we have for this group?  Still nascent and still in its early stages, we are talking about cooking healthy meals and coming together to share what we’ve prepared, along with how to prepare it; researching how to support local farms and eat from products from those farms when possible; exploring books and resources that discuss food and faith and why it should be important to us as followers of Christ; and what ways we can participate and effect change in our local community so that eating well to benefit our minds, bodies, and souls is expressed in a positive way.