Journey to Adulthood - A six year program that offers youth in grades 7-12 an opportunity to:

  • Build a positive community among their peer group
  • Build self-esteem
  • Seek and strengthen their gifts and talents

We do this through:

  • Community Connections
  • Service Projects
  • Spiritual Lessons
  • Lock-ins
  • Retreats
  • Pilgrimages
  • Mission Trips
  • Seeking God in Others

The J2A Programs we offer

Rite 13 is the first step in the J2A program that teaches by word and example the principles of freedom, responsibility and friendship and includes a liturgical Rite of Passage around the 13th birthday, celebrating the gift of womanhood and manhood.

J2A is the heart of the program that blends action and contemplation, teaching young people faithful living.  In preparing for adulthood they learn six basic skills: active listening, negotiation, assertion, research and information management, partnership, and leadership.  This journey prepares them for Confirmation and a pilgrimage.

YAC combines all of their knowledge, talents, and gifts and puts it into action as they invest in and commit themselves to others in the community. The young people take on more adult responsibilities in all aspects of their lives, their faith, and their community.  They develop a Credo of what they believe, which prepares them for a Mission Trip and the Rite of Adulthood passage as they leave their childhood homes for the work force and college.

Anyone can attend!  To register, a parent/legal guardian should contact the church office.